Residence Hall Tour

At Iowa State we are known for our "house system." Students who live in Iowa State's residence halls are members of a house, which consists of 40-60 students. Residents elect house officers to help plan and implement house programs. Activities might be spontaneous and informal or your house might plan social, educational, and cultural events. Either way, a community adviser (C.A.), undergraduate student staff member, is available in each house for assistance.

Included with your tour is:

  • A complimentary lunch in one of our neighborhood dining centers (when classes are in session).
  • A visit to a typical traditional and suite style room plus a walk through a "house" (floor).
  • A peek in the computer labs. You might have your freshman English class here during the day, or maybe you'll use it during the 24/7 open hours.
  • A look at State Gym, a recreation facility filled with free weights, classes for students, a rock climbing wall, and a variety of exercise equipment.
  • Information on Iowa State's meal plans.

This tour is usually offered at 11:00 a.m. Monday through Saturday when classes are in session.

For more information visit the Department of Residence's housing and dining sites.