Current Admissions Partnership
Program Students

Unlock unlimited possibilities.

APP prepares you for a successful transfer to Iowa State University so your adventure can continue without a hitch. Enjoy early advising, academic opportunities, social events, cultural connections and more.

Choose to begin your adventure at Iowa State while still at your community college in any or all of the following ways:

  • Once you have been offered admission to APP, log in to AccessPlus with your credentials and set up your Net-ID.
  • Obtain an Iowa State student identification card and email address. To get your student identification card, visit 0530 Beardshear Hall on the Iowa State campus, Monday through Friday between 8 am and 4 pm
  • Sign up for an email account in 192 Parks Library, Monday through Friday between 8 am and 4 pm
  • Work out at our recreational facilities and join a student organization*
  • Ride CyRide fare-free (CyRide does not provide transportation outside the City of Ames)*
  • Attend athletic and selected cultural events at discounted student rates. APP participants should contact the appropriate ticket office to purchase event tickets*
  • Utilize Iowa State's career related programs including career fairs and workshops
  • Access Parks Library

*These services require you to have an ISUCard and pay the optional student activity fee. Fees are subject to change. To take advantage of this option, contact Tuition & Fee Assessment at 515 294-1889 or visit 0460 Beardshear Hall to have the student activity fee assessed to your university bill. Once assessed, the payment can be sent to the Treasurer's Office, 1220 Beardshear Hall, or paid online through your AccessPlus account.

Teamwork makes your Iowa State dream work! Together we will help put you on the path to success.

Both your Iowa State academic adviser and your community college adviser will work with you to plan your transfer coursework, preparing you for your next adventure and beyond.

In addition to your academic advisers, Iowa State has the following transfer planning resources to help you throughout the transfer process:

  • Iowa State maintains course equivalency guides for all Iowa community colleges. The course equivalency guide lists the community college courses alongside the Iowa State equivalent courses.
  • Transfer plans also exist for many Iowa State majors. The transfer plan for your intended major will tell you which courses at your community college meet the program requirements at Iowa State.
  • You can also use our online articulation system, TRANSIT, to learn how your credits may transfer to Iowa State from your community college or other university.

If you do not know who your APP adviser is, contact us at

In order to ensure a positive experience in APP, the participant, Iowa State University, and the community college must adhere to the following guidelines:


  • Remain enrolled at a participating community college in a major or in coursework appropriate for transfer to the desired program at Iowa State.
  • Consult with an Iowa State adviser and meet with your community college educational adviser/counselor to develop a transfer plan.
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative institutional academic GPA of 2.0. If your GPA falls below 2.0, you will have one semester of probation. Work with your community college adviser or Iowa State University Admissions to take corrective action. If your GPA remains below 2.0 after one semester of program probation, you will be withdrawn from the program.
    • Note: Career technical, developmental/remedial, and military credits do not count towards an academic GPA.
  • No later than one semester prior to transfer (excluding summer), complete and submit an Undergraduate Application for Admission to the Iowa State Office of Admissions. The application fee will be required when the application is submitted.
  • Prior to transfer, earn or maintain a minimum cumulative academic GPA of 2.25 in all college coursework attempted. Students planning to transfer with fewer than 24 academic credits must meet Iowa State freshman admission requirements and have a minimum 2.25 cumulative GPA in all college coursework attempted. The 2.25 academic cumulative GPA is the current transfer policy and does not assure acceptance into all programs.

Iowa State University

  • Assigns and provides access to an academic adviser from the student's intended Iowa State college or program.
  • Arranges for open option (undeclared) students to participate in career exploration programs at Iowa State, as well as encourage participation in similar programs available at their community college. Open option/undeclared students will be assigned an Iowa State open option adviser in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
  • Provides a transfer plan that will allow students to choose community college coursework that will best fit the requirements of the designated Iowa State degree program.
  • Makes available to participants an ISUCard and Iowa State email account.
  • Provides opportunities for students to access career exploration resources, university libraries, athletic and cultural events, recreation services including the Lied Recreation Center, CyRide, and campus organizations (when organizational by-laws allow). Access to some resources may require payment of an annual student activities fee.
  • Reviews student records and approves admission to Iowa State if admission requirements have been met.
  • Provides opportunities to participate in early orientation and registration programs prior to transfer.
  • Establishes the regular presence of an Iowa State admissions counselor on your community college campus.

Community College

  • Assigns and provides an educational adviser/counselor.
  • Provides an official transcript to Iowa State upon program entry and after each semester of program participation.

Transferring to Iowa State is simple. Meet with your community college adviser/counselor to discuss APP. Complete and submit the application for admission. Enjoy the adventure.

Provided that you meet Iowa State's admission requirements, including a 2.25 academic GPA in all college coursework and completion of at least 24 transferable academic semester credit hours, you will be formally admitted to Iowa State University. If you intend to transfer before earning 24 transferable credit hours, you must meet freshman admission requirements and have a 2.25 academic GPA in all college coursework attempted.

Residency Requirements

The guidelines for classifying students as residents or nonresidents differ at your community college and at Iowa State University. A student may be classified as a resident for tuition purposes at your community college and as a nonresident at Iowa State University. For more information regarding residency classification at Iowa State University, contact the Office of the Registrar at 515 294-1840.

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