Online Application Frequently Asked Questions

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Account issues

  1. I can't remember my account username
  2. I forgot my password
  3. My password reset link doesn't work
  4. I forgot the answer to my secret question
  5. I didn't receive an e-mail about my username or password retrieval, what I should do?
  6. How do I create an account?

Form Issues

  1. The term of entry I want is not available.
  2. I received a 'required field' error message.
  3. How can I make changes to a form that I've submitted?

Payment Issues

  1. I cannot pay my application fee online using a credit card, what I should do?

    The Office of Admissions strongly encourages you to submit your application online with a credit card payment. The online application is processed much faster than paper applications.

    If you begin your application and no longer have a credit card that may be used, follow the instructions below to print your application for admission:

    1. Go to the application activity page and find the application you wish to print.
    2. Click on the View link.  The application will be presented in PDF format where it may be printed.
    3. Mail the printed application and application fee to the Office of Admissions.

    Note - the application for admission must be mailed to the Office of Admissions with the required application fee.  The fee can be paid with a personal check or bankers check.  Cash payments are not accepted.

  2. I get invalid card number message, how I can continue?
  3. I get card is expired message, what I should do?
  4. My card is being declined, how can I pay my application fee?