Transfer Credit

Your courses from regionally accredited post-secondary institutions will normally transfer to Iowa State if they are comparable to courses offered for academic credit here or would earn academic credit if they were offered.

In general, college-level courses in which passing grades have been earned are acceptable for transfer to the University; some departments may require at least a "C" grade for a specific course to be applied to the degree program.

Evaluation of transfer credit is two-step process:

  1. When you apply, the Office of Admissions reviews your course work taken at another institution to determine whether the courses are acceptable for transfer. A Transfer Credit Evaluation form indicating which courses have been accepted for transfer will be sent to you with your offer of admission letter.
  2. You should contact an Iowa State academic adviser in your major as soon as possible after receiving the transfer credit evaluation to discuss how the credits accepted for transfer apply to your degree program.

Each of Iowa State's colleges determines which transfer credits meet requirements for its degrees. For example, a chemistry course that counts toward the graduation requirement for a chemistry major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences may not fulfill a graduation requirement for majors in the College of Engineering.

Current Iowa State Students

If you are a current Iowa State student and you're looking to complete courses over the summer to transfer back to Iowa State, please go to the Registrar's Office website for additional information.

Course Equivalency Guides

Course equivalency guides have been developed for all Iowa community colleges and many out-of-state community colleges to assist you in planning course work that will transfer to Iowa State.

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) College Credit

More information can be found on PLTW here.