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Meet APP Student Samantha

APP Student - Samantha Hometown: Marshalltown, IA
Community college: Marshalltown Community College
Major: Journalism and mass communication
Minor: Sociology
Class: 2011

How did you hear about APP?
Though a display and an Iowa State admissions counselor who visited Marshalltown Community College.

Why did you decide to participate in APP?
I thought it would make the transition to Iowa State simpler.

What has been most beneficial about APP?
I was able to work more closely with academic advisers from both schools to make sure I was taking all the required/recommended classes for my major that I could before I transferred. Plus, APP helped me choose a minor that would fit well with my major by helping me get in touch with people who could explain different classes and their relationship to one another.

Would you recommend APP to other students?
Yes, because APP helped me feel more confident about continuing my education at Iowa State.

Did participating in APP make the transition to Iowa State easier than you expected?
Yes, I felt like I was a step ahead of other transfer students.