COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Why would I want to attend Destination Iowa State?
  2. Can transfer students participate in Destination Iowa State?
  3. What should I expect for summer orientation 2020? How is Iowa State responding to the COVID-19 outbreak?
  4. How do I login/use online orientation? What is my username?
  5. Is online orientation mandatory?
  6. What are the deadlines?
  7. Is orientation required for transfer students?
  8. How long does it take?
  9. Do I need to complete everything at one time?
  10. What if I don't complete orientation?
  11. Who do I contact if I have technical difficulties or have limited access to internet?
  12. When will I register for my classes? How do I get my class schedule? Who is my adviser and, when do I get to meet my adviser?
  13. When can I talk to someone about accommodations for students with disabilities?
  14. I am an international student, how does this affect me?
  15. When will I get my ISU Card? Do I need it before I move into my residence hall?
  16. When can I move into my residence hall?
  17. Can we still get a campus tour before classes start?
  18. When is Destination Iowa State 2020?
  19. Where can I go to get the most updated COVID-19 information?
  20. When will we know the Destination Iowa State schedule?
  21. What if I have not decided about Iowa State?
  22. What is Destination Iowa State all about?
  23. Will information on football ticket lottery be included in the orientation materials?