International Alumni Ambassador Responsibilities

Alumni Ambassadors

  • Act as contacts for students from their area who request information from an alumnus
  • Contact prospective students who have been offered admission to the university to offer their congratulations
  • Assist Iowa State admissions representatives participating in recruiting tours in their countries by joining the representatives at U.S. University fairs and/or school visit
  • Serve as hosts at receptions or other get-togethers for prospective students and their families
  • Notify the Office of Admissions of possible recruitment opportunities in their countries, such as students with whom they've come into contact and/or advertising opportunities

Iowa State University

  • Provides training materials to alumni volunteering in recruitment activities
  • Provides lists of prospective students to alumni for various recruitment activities
  • Provides feedback on impact of alumni recruitment activities on Iowa State enrollment.

We look forward to processing your application for Alumni Ambassador! If accepted to the Council, we will send you the training materials and begin our work together. We understand that you have many other time commitments, so the amount of time you wish to contribute to this endeavor will be entirely up to you. However, we would hope that you would be able to dedicate two hours a month to Council activities.