A letter from our director

My son is in a somber mood. Perhaps you are too.

My son recently left his residence hall for the last time, leaving his freshman year of college behind. No more making memories with new friends, no first college theatre production, no glorious freshman-year spring on campus....

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I'm going to make some assumptions. You're probably bummed to miss your prom, last tournament, senior night, and/or graduation ceremony. Even if you're over high school, you probably hoped for more time with your friends, hanging out at your favorite restaurant or store. Regardless of how you feel about any of these memories, I'm guessing multiple weeks in your house with only your family was not at the top of your list.

And when it comes to your college decision, your expectations of the process are probably not what you'd hoped either. I'm writing this letter from my living room. I'm only on Day Two of working remotely, but by the time you receive this message, I guarantee I am ready to be back on campus. Did I mention this son of mine expects to be fed with the regularity and variety of a dining hall?

Our Iowa State Admissions leadership team has been meeting virtually each day. We're thinking about you. We're worried about you. We want to make the process easier for you. Most of us are parents and know what it's like for a family to make a big decision like where to go to college. So, while I'm sure our marketing team will come up with some fun merch to send you to keep you excited about Iowa State, I thought I'd share some practical steps we are taking to make this process a little easier for you.

  • We know you might like to visit campus for either the first time or one more time before you make your decision. While we are unable to host visitors on campus, we have created a virtual campus visit experience just for you. Check out the opportunities to connect with other incoming students and register today.
  • We will not adhere to the National Candidate Reply Date, whether it be May 1 or June 1. We want you to take your time to decide whether Iowa State is right for you, and we know this unprecedented time may cause your plans to change later than you would like. We will both accept and refund admission deposits until the first day of the Fall 2020 term, August 24.
  • Similarly, we will extend scholarship offers until August 24 for all new incoming students for the Fall 2020 term, and we will hold new student scholarships until Spring 2021 for any student who is unable to start in Fall 2020.
  • Orientation programs will be held online. You will receive additional information from New Student Programs about orientation options once you accept your offer of admission.
  • If your personal circumstances require that you change your entry term to Spring or Fall 2021, it is not necessary for you to complete a new application. You can simply use our Change Application Form to process that change, which is available on the Admissions Contact Us page.
  • We know getting academic documents will be difficult or impossible for many students this spring. We will work with you to use screen shots and unofficial transcript PDFs to verify important academic information like your high school diploma. We will not require official, final documents until you arrive in the fall.
  • We also know virtual schooling could impact your GPA. We will allow you to use your seventh semester academic information to confirm your admission.
  • Finances can be difficult any time, but times of uncertainty only complicate matters. We recently released additional scholarships to admitted students, and will work with you to make sure you've received all aid for which you are eligible. Please contact your admissions counselor to assist in reviewing your financial aid package with you.
  • We understand that your finances might have been impacted by the current economic situation. If there has been a change to your or your family's financial status since you completed the FAFSA, you can complete the Special Condition Application and submit documentation to be considered for a change in funding.

Information about all these items above can be found by hovering over the items or clicking the item to pin the information open (long-press on mobile).

We want to make your transition to Iowa State University as seamless as possible. I hope you will reach out to your admissions counselor with any questions or requests. I'll be staying in touch with them, so we can assist with any needs you might have.

While we navigate these unprecedented times, please know you're on our minds. While our team is working remotely, we are here to answer your questions and help overcome any barriers to a college education. I know your admissions counselor will be happy to talk to you as soon as you're ready.

Best wishes for a healthy and safe spring for you and your family.

Forever True,

Katharine Johnson Suski

Katharine Johnson Suski


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