Online Application Frequently Asked Questions

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Account issues

  1. I can't remember my account username
  2. I forgot my password
  3. My password reset link doesn't work
  4. I forgot the answer to my secret question
  5. I didn't receive an e-mail about my username or password retrieval, what I should do?
  6. How do I create an account?

Form Issues

  1. The term of entry I want is not available.
  2. I received a 'required field' error message.
  3. How can I make changes to a form that I've submitted?

Payment Issues

  1. I cannot pay my application fee online using a credit card, what I should do?
  2. I get invalid card number message, how I can continue?
  3. I get card is expired message, what I should do?
  4. My card is being declined, how can I pay my application fee?