Admission Requirements

To transfer to Iowa State University, you are expected to have earned at least a "C" (2.00) average in all academic college-level courses attempted*. However, some programs may require a transfer grade point average higher than the 2.00 minimum. Higher academic standards may be required of students who are not residents of Iowa, including international students.

Applicants who have not maintained the grade point average required by Iowa State University for specific programs or who are under academic suspension from the last college attended generally will be denied admission.

Transfer applicants under disciplinary suspension will not be considered for admission until information concerning the reason for the suspension has been received from the college assigning the suspension.

If you have not completed 24 transferable academic semester (or 36 quarter) hours* prior to enrolling at Iowa State, you must submit a high school transcript, an ACT or SAT I score, and meet all Freshman Admission Requirements, as well as earning at least a 2.00 average in all academic college-level courses attempted*.

*Note: Career technical, development/remedial, and military credits do not count as academic credit.

International Transfer Students

If you are an international student transferring from either a U.S. or foreign institution, you are required to apply as an international student. Refer to the International Admissions website.

Veteran and Military Students

If you have served or are currently serving in the military, you will be required to submit the transfer application for admission as well as some additional information. Refer to the Veteran and Military Students page.

Second Undergraduate Degree Applicants

If you have already earned a bachelor's degree from another college or university, you may apply as a transfer student for a second undergraduate degree at Iowa State University. If you earned your bachelor's at Iowa State, you should apply as a reentering student.

Reentering Students

If you were previously enrolled as a degree-seeking undergraduate at Iowa State University and wish to return as an undergraduate after an absence of at least 12 months, you must apply as a reentering student.

Nondegree Students

If you are planning to take university courses but do not currently intend to earn a degree at Iowa State University, you may apply as a nondegree student. Refer to the Nondegree Admissions Web site.