Undecided about your major? Iowa State is the place for you!

There are many reasons why Iowa State University is the perfect place to begin your college studies if you're undecided about your major. First of all, you'll have lots of company! Approximately 20 percent of Iowa State students enter without declaring a major. In other words, undecided is our most popular major.

Iowa State realizes there are different degrees of being undecided:

  • Some of our students know which undergraduate college they wish to enter, but they are not yet ready to commit to a specific major within that college. You may enroll in any of our undergraduate colleges as an undeclared major and you'll be assigned to an academic adviser who is very knowledgeable about all of the majors within that particular college. For more information, visit any of the college specific pages below.
  • Some of our students are not ready to select which college they wish to enter. These students are referred to as Open Option and they're assigned to special academic advisers who specialize in helping students explore their interests at the same time they are completing their general education requirements.

In short, Iowa State's academic advising is very well suited for students who aren't sure which major they wish to pursue.

Services to help you explore your options

Iowa State also offers a wide array of support services to help the undecided students explore their options. In addition to the excellent academic advising system, Iowa State offers career counseling, interest inventories, career exploration and orientation classes, career fairs and many other services to help you narrow your focus. You even have the opportunity during your first semester to join a learning community with other undecided students.

Finally, with more than 100 majors available, you'll find that Iowa State offers you more options than most other colleges and universities. So whatever major you end up selecting, chances are you'll find that major at Iowa State!

Majors by Career Category

Would you like to get started right now on matching your interests to a list of majors at Iowa State? You can take a 15-minute online test called the Self-Directed Search. It will measure your skills, abilities, values, interests and personality. Based on this information, it will provide you with a list of personality types (listed below) that most closely match you. Then you can choose that particular type to see which Iowa State University majors fall into that category. (note: Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc. will charge you a nominal fee to take the Self-Directed Search.)