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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Technical Communication

Technical communication is any type of communication we use to educate or inform, including websites, memos, reports, proposals, marketing materials, and presentations. A major in technical communication will prepare you to write, present, and interact in any professional situation—you will learn how people communicate in print and online, how they collaborate, and how they interact in the workplace. Your coursework will focus on principles, practices, and technologies in the workplace, including studies in computer applications. You will also learn about the structure and conventions of written, visual, and oral language. Summer or semester internships develop skills that you cannot learn in the classroom alone. Research reveals that employers prize communication skills as much as technical skills, so a major or minor in this field will enhance any career path you choose. A degree in technical communication will prepare you for employment in areas such as engineering, health care, banking and insurance, environmental sciences, computer programming, and product development.

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