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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Speech Communication

Practical, flexible, and friendly are the terms speech communication majors use to describe their major. As a speech communication major you will explore how language is used to create social change, study theories of communication to see how they help us make sense of everyday life, and practice a broad range of communication skills learning to create and adapt messages for different audiences within various contexts. You will also develop strong people skills, become more confident as you prepare and deliver presentations, enhance your listening skills, learn to assess the quality of arguments and other forms of public discourse. Your coursework will include studies in public speaking, the history and composition of great speeches, business and professional speaking, persuasion, argumentation, speech criticism, political communication and rhetorical theory. A degree in speech communication will prepare you for future employment in human resource management, training and development, recruitment, non-profit organizations, sales, retail management, event planning, government service, and education, as well as for further education in graduate school, law school, or the seminary.

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