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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Psychology

All psychologists have one thing in common: an interest in behavior. They work to understand how people and other animals develop, learn, think, feel, act, and relate to each other. As a psychology major you have the opportunity to apply your skills in analyzing behavior and its causes in supervised settings in the community or in research laboratories. An undergraduate degree in psychology from Iowa State will prepare you for positions such as a paraprofessional in hospitals and clinics; counselor in federal, state, and local health agencies; correctional, recreation, or rehabilitation counselor; human resource manager; writer; and researcher. A bachelor of science in psychology is good preparation for law school and medical school, especially if you wish to specialize in psychiatry. If you want to become a professional psychologist, licensed to provide psychotherapy, or intend to seek an academic position in research (e.g., professor, research scientist), you should plan to pursue a doctoral degree in psychology.

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