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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Pre-Human Medicine

Physicians study, diagnose, and treat illness and injury. All medical schools recommend a broad pre-professional education that includes courses in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, English, social sciences, arts, and humanities. The Pre- Human Medicine major is designed for incoming freshman students who are unaware of what major they would like to pursue as an undergraduate student. Students who select Pre-Med, as their incoming major, will be advised in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to assist in helping students find a major that supports their academic interests as well as starting students in the required Pre-Med coursework needed for admittance into a Medical School. Most students earn a bachelor’s degree while taking the courses required for admission to medical school. You may enroll in any major at Iowa State University to complete these courses. The coursework of the major you select should reflect your interests while meeting the academic requirements for medical school. Each medical school has specific requirements and we strongly suggest students research different medical schools, prior to entering Iowa State, to ensure they are aware of the academic requirements of each program.Questions/Concerns can be directed to our Pre-Health Adviser at

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