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College of Design: Community and Regional Planning

The Department of Community and Regional Planning at Iowa State is one of the nation’s largest and longest-established planning programs, and one of only 16 accredited undergraduate planning programs in the United States. Planning is the profession that is dedicated to helping society manage change. Planners help to evaluate and seize opportunities and to understand and solve problems. As a community and regional planning major you will combine classroom and studio-based instruction to learn how to use a systematic, creative approach to influence and manage the social, economic, and physical change of neighborhoods, small towns, cities, suburbs, metropolitan areas, regions, and states. Your classes will work closely with local communities or governments to explore genuine planning problems and solutions. You may also choose from five different areas of focus, including Community Development and Social Policy, Ecological and Environmental Planning, Regional and International Planning, Physical Planning and Urban Design, or Transportation and Land Use. A degree in this major will prepare you for a career working with cities, counties, federal government agencies, consulting firms, computer software companies, and a wide variety of other career paths.

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