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"I'm interested in business management or owning my own business. I like to work with numbers and finances. I want to know how business systems work-from transporting to marketing goods." Nearly all students in the college start off as pre-business majors. Pre-business advisers help you determine which program will be best for you, given your skills and interests. At the end of your pre-business program, you will have completed your foundation courses and, in most cases, have chosen what field of business you want to pursue. If you are still undecided, you may take the professional courses as an undecided student. As a freshman, you will take a business orientation class. As part of the course, during career days, you will visit with company representatives to determine what skills are needed for specific jobs. To help you clarify your interests, faculty will come to speak to the class about differences between majors. The Business Career Services Office provides staff that will help you explore career opportunities, an online resume service, a library of career opportunities, and computerized career assessment tools.

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