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College of Engineering: Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers design, develop, construct, and manufacture machines and devices that produce, transmit, or use power. As a mechanical engineering student you will study the principles of motion, energy, and force, in the classroom and in some of Iowa State’s first-class laboratories. In addition to computer labs you will have access to the Visualization Lab, the machine shop, mechatronics/robotic lab, transport processes lab, and the laser lab. Your education will prepare you for a wide range of careers, working in product research and development, design, product manufacturing, testing, quality assurance, marketing, systems operation, and management. Many faculty members consult in these fields, earning patents for energy control, milling simulations, and computer graphics systems. Students, too, have distinguished themselves in the field, earning Pappajohn Scholarships and Delphi Packard Electric Systems internships in Singapore and Australia.

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