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Education is one of the most important and rewarding career choices today. As a teacher, you will meet exciting challenges and reap the rewards of educating young people who will be our leaders of tomorrow. Music is uniquely common to all societies, a diverse experience that is used in many ways. Music can be a form of artistic expression, communication, entertainment, therapy, and worship. A comprehensive program is available at Iowa State for students who wish to prepare for careers in music, including teaching, performance, and composition, and for students who plan to pursue graduate studies in music. Music majors may focus on music composition, music education, or performance. Some graduates go on to teach in public schools, but other possibilities exist. Job possibilities include advertising agencies, artist management, arranger, booking agencies, business manager, concert production and promotion, film scoring, instrument restoration specialist, music journalist, music publishing, music teacher, music therapist, orchestra management, radio recording engineer, recording studios, sound technician, and theatre management. Iowa State also provides a world-class education by recruiting internationally known professionals to mentor and direct student productions.

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