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College of Human Sciences: Kinesiology and Health

The undergraduate program in kinesiology and health at Iowa State is designed for students who are interested in careers in health, preventive medicine, rehabilitation, human movement, and sport. You may choose from five academic options:

  • Athletic Training. Preparation for positions dealing with the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries
  • Community and Public Health - replaces CHE major from previous catalogs
  • Exercise Science. An interdisciplinary approach to the study of movement and / or sport, leading to a career in physical therapy, sport psychology, sport information, etc.
  • Health / Fitness Management - replaces Exercise Science option from previous catalogs
  • Physical Education Licensure. Preparation to teach at the elementary, middle school, and / or high school level

No matter which option you choose, you'll explore all the disciplines of kinesiology and health in depth. You will study the biomechanical aspects of human movement, the physiology of exercise, motor behavior, and the sociology and psychology of sport and physical activity. As society has become increasingly interested in health and fitness, we have programs in health, fitness, and athletic training to respond to the expanding needs of our society.

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