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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Latino/a Studies, U.S. Program (Interdisciplinary Studies)

The U.S. Latino/a Studies (USLS) program is devoted to the study of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican, and Central and South American people living in the U.S. who trace their ancestry to the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America. USLS is cross disciplinary in focus, drawing from the scientific methods and epistemological bases in the humanities, social sciences and various professional fields.
The program provides students with useful information on Latino/as, who are the largest group of culturally and linguistically diverse people in the United States. Students can benefit greatly by becoming more aware of the socioeconomic, political, scientific, and cultural contributions that Latino/as have made, and continue to make, to U.S. society. By acquiring knowledge about U.S. Latino/as, students also make themselves more competitive in today’s job market. Employers in virtually every profession are looking for employees who have some familiarity with the Latino/a population and who understand the unique cultural perspectives that Latino/a people possess.

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