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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Classical Studies (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Classical Studies is a cross-disciplinary curriculum in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences that engages you with ancient Greek and Roman civilizations and their influence on western and world civilizations from their beginnings to today. The Classical Studies Program offers language courses in Latin and ancient Greek and interdisciplinary courses on the ancient city, myths of the Greeks and Romans, their dramas, epics, religious beliefs, history, political thought, philosophy, and more. You can also study archaeology, history, and art in Greece or Italy. Classical Studies can be declared as a major under interdisciplinary studies, or as a minor through WLC, complementing other cultural studies programs. The classical studies major fosters cultural literacy and assists in preparing you for a variety of business and professional schools—law and medicine are the two most commonly pursued by classical studies majors—or for any career requiring skills in communication, critical thinking, human relations, or problem solving.

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