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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Geology

As a geology major you will encounter much more than the study of rocks and landforms. Geology is the study of the structure and origin of the earth, and the processes that shape its interior and surface. You will learn about how different Earth systems operate and interact to shape our environment and provide the resources that sustain society. Your coursework will include background in basic sciences, and geology courses that provide hands-on experience with microscopes, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and equipment used to monitor Earth processes and image Earth’s subsurface. Your geology courses will also include numerous field trips and exercises, both in the Midwest and in geologically-rich, northwest Wyoming where Iowa State has a permanent field station. A degree in geology will prepare you for a wide variety of career opportunities, including the oil and gas industry; federal, state, and local environmental agencies; environmental consulting firms; the mining industry; GIS analysis; and geoscience education.

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