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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Economics

Economics is a social science that studies how people and businesses make decisions, how those decisions are coordinated in the market, and how government policy can influence market outcomes with respect to the efficiency of resource utilization and the welfare of society. A major in economics will equip you with the analytical skills to understand and contribute to policy debates on topics such as unemployment and wages, government revenues and expenditures, income inequality and poverty, pollution, natural resource management, economic growth, and many other crucial issues that fill the news media. Beyond their understanding of the way the economy works, economics majors are prized in the job market for their quantitative skills, their precision and clarity of thought and expression, and their careful and disciplined use of data in seeking answers to questions. A bachelor’s degree in economics provides employment opportunities in business and government. Some economics majors go on to seek Masters or doctoral degrees in economics, while others pursue graduate study in business or law.

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