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College of Engineering: Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers work with anything related to electronics and electrical devices. Faculty members at Iowa State University are researching thin film semiconductor devices, large-scale energy distribution, solar energy conversion, antennas, wireless networks, and many other devices and systems that we use in daily life. As a student at Iowa State, you are encouraged to learn about several of these areas. You might take classes in communications, in which you will learn to transmit data safely and securely; in controls, in which you will study how to develop systems for robotics or avionics; in electromagnetics, fields, and antennas to learn about microwave and radio waves and their applications; in power systems, so high-quality power can be distributed in a robust and secure environment; in microelectronics and photonics, to study the speed, materials, and properties of microelectronic devices; or in VLSI (very large-scale integrated) circuits, so you can design integrated circuits for things such as high-speed communications. The electrical engineering program offers labs for hands-on learning, collaborative problem solving in the Active Learning Complex, learning communities, an optional internship program, professional engineering societies, and honor programs to further ensure student success.

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