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College of Engineering: Computer Engineering

Computer engineering deals with all aspects of computer systems, including design, construction, operation, and testing. Your coursework will fascinate, inspire, and prepare you for learning in a variety of professional capacities. Your learning options include computer architecture, in which you will learn about the components in a system and their properties, such as speed and reliability; networking and security, which entails how to transfer information efficiently and securely by learning how to model, design, and analyze systems; software engineering studies, which includes designing new software or improving its scope and capabilities; and VLSI (very large-scale integrated) circuits, in which you will develop circuits that include high-speed or low-power parts. Iowa State’s computer engineering program offers unique educational support, including labs for hands-on learning, collaborative problem-solving in the Active Learning Complex, learning communities, an optional internship program, professional engineering societies, and honor programs. As a computer engineering graduate you will be prepared for a career in various industries ranging from health care, renewable energy, and retail, to security, gaming and telecommunications.

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