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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Communication Studies

As a communication studies major you will learn about human communication, exploring the ways we create and negotiate meaning. You will examine the role that communication plays in creating and managing interpersonal interactions in both personal and professional contexts. Your coursework will cover topics such as the role of communication in developing and maintaining interpersonal relationships, how nonverbal communication affects our interactions and understanding of others, strategies for managing personal and organizational conflicts, the complexities of communication in organizational life, communication associated with effective leadership, how communication affects a group’s problem solving effectiveness, how we manage relationships through the use of computer mediated communication, and strategies for effective communication in training and development. General areas where communication studies graduates are employed include human resources, training and development, corporate communication, sales, public relations, retail management, customer and guest relations, education, and event planning. A degree in communication studies also serves as a foundation in graduate education in such areas as law, public administration, business administration, international and intercultural relations, and communication studies.

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