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Education is one of the most important and rewarding career choices today. As a teacher, you will meet exciting challenges and reap the rewards of educating young people who will be our leaders of tomorrow. Chemistry is the study of the composition, structure, properties, and interactions of chemicals. Combining the sciences of biology and medicine, earth and environmental sciences, physics and mathematics, chemistry is known as the central science. Roles for chemists continue to grow in providing energy, protecting the environment, feeding the world, and improving health. Growth in these fields is evident in the areas of biotechnology, computer automation in chemical analysis, industrial hygiene, and pharmaceuticals. Chemists conduct research to develop processes that help save energy and reduce pollution, they monitor and test industry products to insure industry and government standards are met. A chemistry degree from Iowa State University can qualify you for a career as an environmental chemist, quality control chemist, forensic scientist, science writer, technical salesperson, product development chemist, or research worker.

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