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Education is one of the most important and rewarding career choices today. As a teacher, you will meet exciting challenges and reap the rewards of educating young people who will be our leaders of tomorrow. Biology is the study of all aspects of life on this planet. The biology program at Iowa State provides a broad education in all aspects of modern biology. With over 200 faculty who are biologists, our students have the opportunity to learn from research and educational leaders in all fields of the biological sciences.

Graduates with a biology degree from Iowa State pursue a variety of careers, including:

  • environmental biologist
  • medical technologist
  • microbiologist
  • molecular biologist
  • pharmacist
  • physical therapist
  • physician
  • teacher / professor
  • veterinarian
  • wildlife biologist

Biology is constantly in the news. Human genome sequencing, embryonic stem cell research, molecular biology and gene manipulation creating genetically modified crops, anthrax, and other forms of biological warfare; all of these topics begin in the field of biology.

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