Majors and Programs

The Humanities

You're claiming your seat in the front of the bus with Rosa Parks. You're translating secret documents as a World War II double agent. You're establishing corporate ethics policies for Fortune 500 companies, or covering the collapse of the Berlin Wall as a broadcast journalist. Plato is methodically explaining to you the relationship between truth and beauty. Travel through time to learn about events that impacted culture and determined our history. If you want to understand how individual philosophies, cultures, belief systems, and communications impact the world we live in, consider a major or minor in the humanities at Iowa State University.

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Suggested Majors

Undergraduate programs are offered in six colleges. Programs offered in more than one college are identified by college code: AGLS (Agriculture and Life Sciences), BUS (Business), DSGN (Design), ENGR (Engineering), H SCI (Human Sciences), and LAS (Liberal Arts and Sciences)

Art and Design
Classical Studies (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Communication Studies
Education: English
Education: History
Education: Speech Communication
Graphic Design
Interdisciplinary Design
Journalism and Mass Communication
  Latino/a Studies, U.S. Program (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Liberal Studies
Religious Studies
Speech Communication
Theatre (Performing Arts)
Women's and Gender Studies
World Languages and Cultures: French
World Languages and Cultures: German
World Languages and Cultures: Spanish