Majors and Programs

Premedical and Health Sciences

Your earliest role model was your family physician, who inspired you to serve the public by practicing medicine. You want to help shape decisions about medical care - decisions that impact nursing facilities, schools, hospitals, and your community. Perhaps you see yourself as a pioneer in the medical field, researching new technologies or treatments, or defining legal and ethical issues. Or you're interested in working with athletes in a sports medicine program, with patients one-on-one as you develop treatment plans, or on nutrition programs that enhance our quality of life. Iowa State offers a wide range of preprofessional programs and majors to prepare you for a career in health.

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Suggested Majors

Undergraduate programs are offered in six colleges. Programs offered in more than one college are identified by college code: AGLS (Agriculture and Life Sciences), BUS (Business), DSGN (Design), ENGR (Engineering), H SCI (Human Sciences), and LAS (Liberal Arts and Sciences)

Athletic Training
Biological Systems Engineering
Biology - AGLS
Biology - LAS
Botany (Biology)
Culinary Food Science - AGLS
Culinary Food Science - H SCI
Diet and Exercise - AGLS
Diet and Exercise - H SCI
Dietetics - AGLS
Dietetics - H SCI
Education: Biology - AGLS
Education: Biology - LAS
Education: Kinesiology and Health
  Food Science - AGLS
Food Science - H SCI
Kinesiology and Health
Kinesiology and Health major (Community and Public Health)
Kinesiology and Health major (Exercise Science)
Kinesiology and Health major (Physical Education Licensure)
Kinesiology and Health major (Pre-Health Professions)
Nutritional Science - AGLS
Nutritional Science - H SCI
Physical Education (Kinesiology and Health)
Pre-Human Medicine
Preprofessional Health Programs
Zoology (Biology)