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World Languages and Cultures

You've seen every foreign film that ever won at the Cannes Film Festival. Rome, Paris, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Beijing--you collect travel books by the dozens, planning a trip to every continent by the time you're twenty-five. Perhaps you've already begun the process, participating in your high school's study abroad program. You love foreign languages and foreign food. As an individual with lots of energy, you see yourself in the Foreign Service, the military, the Peace Corps, or in international journalism. You may be planning a career in international business, and so you wisely decide to enhance your professional profile by learning languages that make you marketable in a global economy. Regardless of your interests, you will find that Iowa State's programs offer a variety of options that will best support your goals.

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Suggested Majors

Undergraduate programs are offered in six colleges. Programs offered in more than one college are identified by college code: AGLS (Agriculture and Life Sciences), BUS (Business), DSGN (Design), ENGR (Engineering), H SCI (Human Sciences), and LAS (Liberal Arts and Sciences)

Classical Studies (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Global Resource Systems