Majors and Programs


You're the soccer coach, the teacher's aide, the swim instructor, the 4-H leader, the FFA adviser. You're good with children. You spend summers tutoring sixth grade math. You work as a trainer at the local health club. Maybe you see yourself as a coach. Perhaps your experience on the speech team has inspired you to consider public education. You're someone who helps other people see the structure, who's good at explaining how things work. Your gift and enthusiasm for teaching will be developed at Iowa State. Our curriculum offers you a wide range of program choices and practical experience so that you can design a future that best suits your interests.

Note: Iowa State University also offers secondary teaching certification in the areas of Anthropology, Economics, Psychology and Sociology. Students who wish to earn secondary teaching certification in any of these areas must major in either History or Political Science

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Suggested Majors

Undergraduate programs are offered in six colleges. Programs offered in more than one college are identified by college code: AGLS (Agriculture and Life Sciences), BUS (Business), DSGN (Design), ENGR (Engineering), H SCI (Human Sciences), and LAS (Liberal Arts and Sciences)

Undecided - Human Sciences
Agriculture and Life Sciences Education - Communications
Agriculture and Life Sciences Education - Teacher Certification
Early Childcare Education and Programming (non-licensure)
Early Childhood Education (teacher licensure)
Education: Agriculture and Life Sciences Education
Education: Biology - AGLS
Education: Biology - LAS
Education: Chemistry
Education: Early Childhood Education
Education: Earth Science
Education: Elementary Education
Education: English
Education: Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Studies
Education: History
  Education: Kinesiology and Health
Education: Mathematics
Education: Music
Education: Physics
Education: Political Science
Education: Speech Communication
Elementary Education
Family & Consumer Sciences Education and Studies
Kinesiology and Health
Kinesiology and Health major (Community and Public Health)
Kinesiology and Health major (Exercise Science)
Kinesiology and Health major (Physical Education Licensure)
Kinesiology and Health major (Pre-Health Professions)
Physical Education (Kinesiology and Health)