Majors and Programs

Iowa State University offers undergraduate degree programs in more than 100 majors. Deciding what you want to major in can be a difficult decision. Fortunately, Iowa State offers many tools to help you decide as well as options if you just can't make up your mind.

Undecided About Your Major?

Are you waiting for your major to present itself to you? If you are, you are not alone. Approximately twenty percent of the students who enter Iowa State do so without declaring a major. In other words, undeclared is our most popular major! Learn more.

Alphabetical Listing of Majors

Click on the links below to see the majors and programs of study in alphabetical order.

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Majors by General Area

Click on the links listed below to view a description of the curriculum area, download and print a curriculum brochure and view a list of majors and programs of study within the curriculum area.

Biological Sciences
Business and Related Programs
Computer and Mathematical Sciences
Engineering, Design, and Technology
Explore Your Options
Fine Arts and Design
Music and the Performing Arts
Physical Sciences
  Premedical and Health Sciences
Preveterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences
Professional Communication
Social Sciences
Sports and Exercise Sciences
The Environment
The Expanding World of Agriculture and Life Sciences
The Humanities
World Languages and Cultures

Preprofessional Programs

Iowa State offers several preprofessional programs designed to prepare students to apply to various types of professional schools.

Classical Studies
Clinical Laboratory Science/ Medical Technology
Community and Public Health (KIN H option)
Exercise Science (KIN H option)
Health Information Management
Hospital and Health Administration
Human Medicine
Library and Information Science
  Occupational Therapy
Physical Education Licensure (KIN H option)
Physical Therapy
Physician Assistant
Pre-Health Professions (KIN H option)
Russian Studies
Theology or Religious Studies
Veterinary Medicine