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Campus Profiles
Campus Profiles

Central Campus

Iowa State's first president Adonijah Welch visualized what he thought the Iowa State campus should look like. He saw an open central campus with a road encircling the buildings of the university...

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Cyclone Life
Cyclone Life

What is going on tonight?

Aug 28th, 2015 by Romina

Guys! It's the start of the semester and I'm so ready for it...[Read More]

The first week of college as told by the Parks and Rec crew

Aug 28th, 2015 by Christopher

It's the first week of college. It's an absolute whirlwind....[Read More]

A Definintive Guide to Iowa State Terminology

Aug 27th, 2015 by Paige

As a new student here at Iowa State, it's easy to get confus...[Read More]